This form can be filled out by the employer representative, or by the Food Processing Skills Canada (FPSC) coordinator as they discuss the project. This form is designed to collect information that will help FPSC program coordinators understand some basic information about the companies who are enrolled in the program. We will use the information that you provide on this form to understand what types of training might be of most benefit to your organization, and to highlight specific skills and areas of potential interest for your company.

*** Information you provide on this form will be used for FPSC program purposes only ***

Employer Contact Information

Main Contact

Alternate Contact

Facility Location

Is your company a subsidiary of another company? If so, please select the parent company from the list below. If your parent company is not listed below select "not listed"

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Describing the Company

Program Information and Wrap Around Supports

This program includes an online learning curriculum, Chromebooks (as required), as well as, funds to hire a babysitter to look after the kids so your worker can study, on their own time, without distraction (first come first served). Additionally, this program will provide a $200 completion bonus to your employee along with a graduation package.

How many employees do you anticipate will participate in STAC?

Please estimate how many chromebooks will you require?

How many employees do you anticipate might go on to achieve their Food Production Supervisor Certification?

How many employees do you anticipate might want to access the babysitting subsidy?

STAC Implementation Considerations

Who is our contact at your organization to onboard and update regarding training programming?


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